Often times we get so bogged down with the many ideas and dreams that we want to accomplish in our lives that we forget that scatterbrain and overwhelm is a state of mind. Also we forget that we can’t do everything in this present moment, and that we don’t have to be just one thing but we have to start with something. In today’s Mosaic Monday’s I share with you 5 steps to overcome scatterbrain and overwhelm.

Here are the steps: First recognize that scatterbrain and overwhelm are states of minds that you can shift out of

Get clear on and decide what you really really want


Understand and focus on Why you want it – feel it emotionally – what will it bring for you


Reverse engineer from where you want to be to where you are now


Take inspired action – from your heart and soul – trust your intuition


Let go of attachment to the outcome and trust that the divine has got your back



Bonus: keep moving in the direction of your heart and desires by following your inspiration

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