Go From Strivingpreneur To Thrivingpreneur & Create Your Divine Life & Business

Get access to your free masterclass, ditch the scatterbrain once and for all, and find out what it really takes to combine your many passions into one thriving business that will allow you to become a client attraction magnet, put your business on autopilot, and create the freedom based business you desire! YES I WANT TO THRIVE!

You’ve got a badge in tired, overwhelmed, scattered, and fed up with not creating the divine life and business you desire. You want freedom, and quite frankly you’re tired of being told that you have to cut pieces of yourself off in order to do so. You’re ready to be all of your beautiful audacious self and you wanna make a shit ton of money doing so!

You are totally in the right place gorgeous!

When you join the Mosaic Soul Tribe you’re essentially…

  • Retiring your badge of “dazed-and-confused” and stepping up to fiercely focused and clearly determined

  • Ending those tireless nights of panic attacks because you don’t know where your rent money is gonna come from because your business hasn’t “clicked yet

  • Giving up the idea that you have to be someone other than your soulful self in order to create a thriving life and business – (authenticity anyone?!?!)

  • Unleashing your divine superpower and shining your Mosaic Soul light super bright in the sea of salesy, slimy, and sammies

  • Dropping the niche mania and finally just creating a nest of transformation for your dream soul clients

  • Creating a hypnotically sweet playground for your peeps who are anxiously excited and running to buy your irresistibly juicy and transformative offerings

Ready to stop settling for mediocre and create your Magnetic Brand & Biz so you can play big?

I’m Rachael Alexander.

Creator of EndigoRae.com – Home To Mosaic Souls (multi-passionate spiritual entrepreneurs)

I’m a Spiritual Teacher & Business & Brand Success Coach to Mosaic Souls.

I’m a lover of truth.

I’m infinite.

I’m indescribable.

I’m indestructible.

I’m a woman on a journey.

I’m a person with many talents.

I love helping spiritual beings step into their divinity, find their special magic that they came to offer the world, and align their lives, brands, and businesses with their heart’s urges, their human desires, and the beauty that they too often hide.

I’m a revolutionary. I’m a creative. I’m a catylyst. I’m a transformation specialist in life, branding, creativity, and health. I’m a Yogi. I’m a flexitarian.

I’m an Artist. I’m a Mosaic Soul. I’m a Mentor.

I am Divine, and so are you.

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