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Hey Mosaic Soul! I’m Endigo Rae, Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor (aka life & business transformation coach, spiritual teacher, and brand strategist & designer) for you ~ the multipassionate spiritual entrepreneur or creative wanting to create a life and business that allows you to thrive being authentically you.


I share lessons on spirituality, creative expression, life, love, health, business, branding, and alignment.


Alignment is discovering your true essence and bringing into harmony your mind, body, life & business.

If you’re reading this I’m sure you are at a place in your life where you desire major transformation; whether that be in your business or life. You desire to be immensely comfortable, at peace, and radiant in your own skin. You want to make decisions from a place of power and want to embody your divine true nature that will leave traces of divinity in every area of your life. You desire freedom, the kind where your intuition is the leading force in your life and effortless, ease, and spontaneity are apart of your everyday existence. You may feel that you can’t embody this powerful soulful way of living. One where your Mosaic Soul is at the center of all that you do.

I’m here to tell you that you can!

Your power and strength lies in your many facets and the blueprint of your Mosaic Soul. This deep inner knowing that you have about the great things and work that you desire to bring forth into the world is the spark of the fire that is ready to be unleashed! Stepping into your divinity, your divine Mosaic Soul is totally possible NOW. And with a little guidance, the right support, and courage you can and will UNLEASH YOUR MOSAIC SOUL!

So if you are looking for a confidant, a mentor, and/or a friend that will help you uncover your blocks to shining your light into the world then come talk to me. I’m excited and passionately ready to help you align with your soul and create a life and/or biz that is soul-centered. Learn more →

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From the moment I spoke to Endigo via Internet I knew there was something extremely special about her. I have never met such a positive person in my life! Endigo gave me the tools and exercises I needed to succeeded and become more organize to see my vision clearly and archive my life long dreams and goals. I am healthy and thriving even more than before! I have also become a Vegan and I can not tell you how it makes a difference in mind, body and spirt. I highly recommend Endigo to anyone I know, she is the best coach hands down! I feel so free!
Sierra Ross

Atlanta, 29, Makeup Artist

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Freedom is who you are

Freedom is your true essence realized. It’s the penultimate realization and self-actualization of your own true divine nature. Step into your divinity today, and be liberated in the truth of who you are!   Join Divine Earth School’s Waiting List Today...

Since Endigo Rae appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, I’ve been ever grateful. I needed new mentors who were a reflection of me: creative, spiritual, entrepreneurial and most importantly intuitive. Having worked within structured and outdated business and marketing frameworks in Corporate Britain, it’s been wonderful to have Endigo mentor me to help me open myself up to really explore how I want to run my revamped company. She has helped me to tap into my authenticity more deeply and I feel that my creativity and work is more soul and heart centred. Plus the bonus is I’m shedding many old paradigms that no longer serve me. Also I love the way Endigo is always there with supportive words and biz love for her clients. This entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, but at least you know Endigo has got your back – spiritually and entrepreneurially.
Desiree Banugo

UK, Creative Entrepreneur & Coach